About Us

Beebay is an international kids wear brand with its offices in the US and India. It has been almost a decade since we have been designing, manufacturing and marketing clothing for children between the ages of 0 and 8 years. Beebay stands for excellence in quality and comfort at reasonable prices leading to customer loyalty.

About Us

Beebay ensures that all our garments are manufactured in factories that conform to the highest international standards of worker safety, ethical standards and sustainable. We constantly strive to ensure that our Carbon footprint is minimized.

We have a national presence with various company owned outlets, MBOs and all major online platforms. Beebay serves the US and European market through its office, warehousing facility and distribution network in the US. We have an international retail presence in USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Seychelles and Australia.

We source from factories which have following international guidelines in terms of fabric quality 4 point system, Garment quality 2.5 AQL system, SEDEX auditied, GOTs certified for our Organic range of products. 



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